machines - 15 inch attrition mill | Multishear Corporation

4x3-15 Disk Attrition Mill

Disk Attrition Mills are used in a host of applications involving the grinding of solids contained in a liquid slurry. The machines can be configured with four stator/rotor combinations to match individual process requirements. This heavy duty machine can perform well in severe applications such as grinding hazardous waste, rock, sand, drill cuttings, granulated rubber, plastics, renderings, waste water, chemicals, and many other industrial applications.

machines - 8 inch attrition mill | Multishear Corporation

4x4-8 Pipeline Disk Attrition Mill

The Pipeline Disk Attrition Mill offers all of the same features as the larger Disk Attrition Mill, but in a smaller vertically oriented configuration. In addition, it offers a junk trap for the effective removal of unprocessable material. The Pipeline DAM is configured with intermeshing teeth that can size and disperse solids into a homogeneous slurry. Applications include the same as its big brother.

machines - magnetic trap | Multishear Corporation

4x4x4 Magnetic Trap

The MULTISHEAR magnetic trap features a superior flow through design that avoids plugging found in other magnetic traps. It can be used to remove ferrous metals and heavier tramp materials from any liquid stream. It can protect the MULTISHEAR equipment as well as a host of other process equipment such as pumps, filters, heat exchangers, etc.

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Super Blenders

The SUPER BLENDER got its start in the environmental industry grinding hazardous waste into a liquid fuel product. The machine has never been surpassed in the effective sizing of bulk quantities of solids such as those found in the environmental industry. However, there are many other applications for which the SUPER BLENDER is suited. They include: pulping waste paper; asphalt shingle and felt manufacture; rendering; sizing municipal waste; granulating rubber; processing agricultural waste; medical waste; grinding ship waste; waste volume reduction; the blending of bulk quantities of chemicals, powders, and liquids; and many other industrial applications. The optional magnetic removal system can automatically remove and clean shredded drum metal from the process.