Automated System

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The patented MULTISHEAR Automated Fuels blending System links our equipment to a shredding tower of your choice to produce the most advanced, productive, and versatile system available. Each system is custom designed and built to suit customer requirements.

The system has proven to process 30-60 drums per hour or 7-15 tons per hour of bulk waste while producing up to 1 ton per hour of clean and sellable shredded metal.

The system is so versatile because it can process anything that you can fit into the shredder elevator. The possibilities range from : four drums at a time; a pallet of waste(bags or small containers); or a bin of loose bulk material.

The system is capable of dispersing solid hazardous waste to produce a HIGH VISCOSITY FUEL which minimizes the fuel shipping cost.

It is no longer necessary to expose people to hazardous chemicals by manually digging waste from drums. The system is totally automated and only requires one operator to feed the elevator and one operator to monitor the process from the control room.

The central component of the system is our Model 2000 SUPERBLENDER equipped with our patented metal removal system. This unit is equipped with a 300 HP hydraulic drive to provide variable speed control as well as directional control of the rotor to maximize grinding component life. The hydraulics also allow the rotor to stop instantaneously without damage if it encounters unprocessable material. Our gap adjustment system allows compensation for wear of grinding components and the attrition zone features replaceable rotor shoes.