Superblender - 2000 Gallon

Superblender - Model 2000 | Multishear Corporation
  • Capacity to process 5 to 15 tons per hour, depending upon the type of solid processed. This includes, drums, pallets, waste paper, drill cuttings, shred tires, municipal waste, and many others.
  • The modular unit can be configured a variety of ways depending upon the application.
  • The SUPER BLENDER rotor is equipped with an attrition zone which grinds solids into a fine suspension while providing excellent circulation and turnover in the vessel. The rotor is hardened alloy to provide maximum abrasion resistance. Further, the rotor flights are equipped with replaceable rotor shoes made from hardened alloy steel. The extraction plate is also hardened and can be provided with a variety of hole sizes. The attrition zone is self cleaning and it will not clog.
  • Attrition zone gap can be remotely controlled to yield any particle size desired. The unit operates in both directons of rotation thereby doubling the wear life of the attrition zone and rotor components.
  • The rotor is typically driven by a 300 HP hydraulic drive for hazardous waste applications. Alternate electric drive can be provided.
  • The super blender features heavy construction throughout to insure long term performance in tough applications such as waste processing in the environmental industry.
  • MULTISHEAR SUPERBLENDERS can be equipped with a patented magnetic removal system that is capable of continuously removing metal from the process.

MULTISHEAR SUPER BLENDERS utilize double mechanical seals that are housed in a patented stainless steel cartridge that is easily removed and replaced. The seal cartridge also holds the shaft thrust bearing in place as a means of minimizing shaft length and overhang. The resulting configuration is extremely rigid with virtually no shaft deflection or run out that typically plagues other size reduction equipment. In addition, the SUPERBLENDER equipment is furnished with a seal circulation system which circulates, filters, pressurizes, and cools the seal barrier fluid to provide ideal conditions for an extended seal life.

MULTISHEAR SUPERBLENDERS utilize a hydraulically operated gap adjustment system which controls the gap between the rotor and the extraction plate. This system allows the operator to compensate for any wear of attrition zone components so that they always operate at optimum capability. The attrition zone still operates efficiently even when the extraction plate and rotor shoes are worn 1/2 inch deep.

MULTISHEAR SUPERBLENDERS can be equipped with a patented magnetic removal system that is capable of continuously removing metal from the process. This is especially useful in environmental applications where this configuration allows the shredding of whole metal drums and other containers and feeding the shredded material directly to the SUPERBLENDER. The machine continuously grinds and disperses the waste in the containers while simultaneously removing the shredded metal from the process for cleaning and sale as scrap metal. The fast opening tank clean-out port makes it easy to remove unprocessable material from the unit without having to enter the tank.